Food Boxes


Emergency Food boxes are available to the homeless, distressed and transient veterans and their families. The cost to fill an individual foodbox is $50.00 which is not passed onto our vets. An emergency food box could be proved on a monthly basis up to 2 months.

Please contact us to receive an emergency food box.

List of items that are in the Veterans Emergency Food Boxes

  • Bread (1)
  • Eggs (1doz.)
  • Milk Can or Box (1)
  • Juice (1)
  • Peanut Butter (1)
  • Canned Fruit (2)
  • Soup (2)
  • Chili/Beans (2) cans
  • Coffee (1)
  • 1lb of Meat
  • Tuna (1)
  • Spaghetti Sauce (1)
  • Noodles (1)
  • Instant Rice or Rice (1)
  • Beans Dry (1)
  • Can of Potatoes (1)
  • Cans of Vegetable (2)
  • Can Gravy (1)
  • Hot Coco (3)
  • Hot Oatmeal (3)
  • Cold Cereal (1)
  • Crackers – Single Sleeve
  • Pudding/ Jell-O (2)
  • Cloths Soap (1)
  • Bathroom Paper (1)
  • Personal Hygiene Pack (1)

      Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

      The Transition Assistance Program (TAP) was established to meet the needs of separating service members during their period of transition into civilian life by offering job-search assistance and related services.

      Fishers of Men for Veteran Ministries is a working part of TAP in the White Mountain Community. Fishers of Men for Veteran Ministries puts together a backpack with essential items for Transient Veterans coming into the White Mountain Community. These backpacks are given to all Police and Fire Departments in the White Mountains.  

      Backpacks include a blanket, water, non-perishable food for several days, hygiene items, toilet paper and information on receiving assistance.  If the Transients would like housing assistance, Fishers of Men for Veteran Ministries will help them get into a shelter and will work toward helping them find permanent housing.

      If you would like to know more about the backpacks, or if you would like to provide items to be placed in the backpacks, please contact Fishers of Men for Veteran Ministries for additional information.

      All donations to Fishers of Men for Veteran Ministries are tax deductible and a giving letter is available upon request

      Item included in the backpack

      • One Bottled Water
      • One Juice Beverage (Capri Sun/other)
      • One sleeve of Saltine
      • One small cup of Peanut Butter
      • One Snack Cake or snack, as available
      • One can of Chicken Noodle Soup (pop-top only)
      • One can of Pork and Beans (pop top only)
      • One/Two Granola or Cereal bars
      • One Cup of Applesauce or Fruit
      • One Vienna Sausage
      • One Pudding cup
      • One Individual Box of Cereal
      • One Roll of Bath Tissue
      • One Packet of Plastic Ware/Napkins
      • Hand Sanitizer
      • Wipes
      • One Packet of Personal Hygiene items
      • 1 Tract
      • 1 Bible
      • Lap Blanket