9-11 Patriots Day

The September 11th Targets, and Their Defense

The targets of the September 11th attacks aside from the four jetliners, were some of the most famous and unique buildings in the world:

These were only the focal points of the attack. The real target of the attack appears to have been something much broader and far-reaching than mere buildings, and even the thousands of innocent victims in the buildings and airplanes. Whatever the motives of the perpetrators of the attack, lower Manhattan, a section of the Pentagon, and four jetliners were the immediate physical targets.

The World Trade Center was a collection of seven buildings in lower Manhattan, including the famous Twin Towers, which were once the world’s tallest buildings. By the end of September 11th, 2001, all seven buildings were either leveled or severely damaged and gutted, including

Building 7, which was on a separate block.

The Pentagon is the administrative heart of the U.S. military establishment and the largest office building in the world. On September 11th, one of 10 sections was damaged in the attack.

The cities and military installations in the United States are normally defended from airborne attack of any type by NORAD, which monitors all air traffic in North America in real time, and rapidly dispatches interceptors whenever there is a flight emergency. The World Trade Center and the Pentagon would normally be two of the best defended buildings in the world.

How Many Americans Died in Iraq and Afghanistan

= 6.600 +

The Gulf War was a key part of recent US history, but it is actually the war that has cost the least number of American lives, with 258 soldiers dying. George Bush Senior took the US into this war to expel Iraq from Kuwait and stop them from invading additional countries. It worked and was successful. However, the same can’t be said for his son, who took the US to Iraq over a decade later in order to find Weapons of Mass Destruction that ultimately didn’t exist.

The Iraq war was all about bringing down Saddam Husain and these supposed WMDs, but it merged with the war in Afghanistan, which began with the goal of eradicating terrorist groups al-Qaeda and the Taliban. In the eyes of many citizens, the wars were two and the same and are still often listed together due to the timeline in which they took place and the fact that enlisted troops have done tours in both countries.

In total, these conflicts took the lives of over 6,600 American soldiers. They are till tapering away as soldiers slowly withdraw, but the US and their allies continue to fight terrorist organizations across the region, with many attentions now on Syria and Islamic States.

Each year Fishers of Men for Veterans do the flags in honor of those who gave their lives for our FREEDOM on 9/11. This year, 2019, we hope to have more flags up to honor those who died. If you wish to loin us, or wish to contribute to our flag costs, please contact Marty at (928) 369-9455. Thank You.